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"From a docu-dramedy on the webcam porn biz to a Thelma & Louise–like lesbian road trip flick, the 2009 Outfest film festival kicks off this week in Los Angeles and is chock-full of hidden gems." Read More

"College Boys Live exerts a bizarre and dramatic fascination by observing that Orwellian experiment-cum-entertainment over a six-month haul" Read More

West Hollywood News
"George O’Donnell’s much-anticipated web party house doc 'College Boys Live', said to be surprisingly poignant" Read More

"Disturbing at times, the film is also a fascinating psychological study." Read More

"Part Jerry Springer, part Real World, part Queer as Folk..." Read More

Life with Movies and Maxx
"The most exposing of the 'call boy documentaries'." Read More

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